Summer Camp

We offer a summer program for school age children Kindergarten to 12 years of age

Summer Camp Typical Schedule

Activities begin after the LAST DAY SCHOOL In Your Locations School District.

Summer School Age Program

Weekly rate includes cereal, snacks, crafts, games and more.

$50 registration fee

Schedule is subject to change.

Month Day Activity
June 5th Mon Science Experiments
" 6th Tue Water Day
" 7th Wed Hot Dog Day
" 8th Thur Water Day
" 9th Fri Hawaiian Shirt Day
June 12th Mon TBA
" 13th Tue Water Day
" 14th Wed TBA
" 15th Thur Water Day
" 16th Fri TBA
June 19th Mon TBA
" 20th Tue Water Day
" 21st Wed TBA
" 22nd Thur Water Day
" 23rd Fri TBA
June 26th Mon TBA
" 27th Tue Water Day
" 28th Wed TBA
" 29th Thur Water Day
" 30th Fri TBA
July 3rd Mon TBA
" 4th Tue Water Day
" 5th Wed TBA
" 6th Thur Water Day
" 7th Fri TBA
July 10th Mon TBA
" 11th Tue Water Day
" 12th Wed TBA
" 13th Thur Water Day
" 14th Fri TBA
July 17th Mon TBA
" 18th Tue Water Day
" 19th Wed TBA
" 20th Thur Water Day
" 21st Fri TBA
July 24th Mon TBA
" 25th Tue Water Day
" 26th Wed TBA
" 27th Thur Water Day
" 28th Fri TBA
July 31st Mon TBA
August 1st Tue Water Day
" 2nd Wed TBA
" 3rd Thur Water Day
" 4th Fri TBA
August 7th Mon TBA
" 8th Tue Water Day
" 9th Wed TBA
" 10th Thur Water Day
" 11th Fri TBA
August 14th Mon TBA
" 15th Tue Water Day
" 16th Wed TBA
" 17th Thur Water Day
" 18th Fri TBA
August 21st Mon TBA
" 22nd Tue Water Day
" 23rd Wed TBA
" 24th Thur Water Day
" 25th Fri TBA

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